Premium Outlets, Tosu

Being our last lunch meal in Japan, I wanted something that I could only get here i.e. a good bowl of Japanese noodles. There was only one noodle store here. A2 got udon with an egg and some mince (it tasted a bit like bolognaise to me, but mum liked this better than the one I ordered). Mine was a black pork udon; both were ¥740. For some reason there were flat bits in the udon, like it got squashed. Mum thought the noodles were nice, but they weren’t as smooth as other ones we’ve had. Mum also wanted a tray of takoyaki (¥500). She thought they were better than the ones in Osaka, but I found they were too doughy. Not exactly what I was hoping for our last lunch in Japan, but it was passable.

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