So. How did this all begin? Well, back in the day, mum would often ask ‘Oh, remember that time where we visited that restaurant? What did we eat? Was it nice?’. I would often struggle to recall, and we’d sometimes make the same mistakes in ordering a disappointing dish, or miss out on experiencing a wonderful dish for a second time. Time went on, and eventually I found myself in charge of the family camera during our holidays. Part of this responsibility involved documentation of the food we ate, and soon taking photographs of food became a habit that I brought back to Melbourne, before it even became a thing. As my interest in food and photography grew, having a food diary became an increasingly appealing idea, and when I finally overcame procrastination, A Chronicle of Gastronomy was born!

This blog is the record of my adventures involving food (usually of the restaurant variety) and my personal opinion on particular foods, dishes and restaurants at the time of the visit. Although this is a Melbourne-based food blog, I’ll also include my food adventures both interstate and overseas. I may also refer to foods in languages other than English including Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, and Hokkien – sorry in advance if the lack of constant language gets confusing! Though I’m not a professional food critic, I hope you’re able to get an insight from my experiences. Enjoy 🙂

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P.S My first official post was on October 23rd 2011 at Tao’s, Bulleen.
P.S.S Visit my other blog, A Repository Of Moments, to view my attempt at a Project 365…which obviously failed.

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