Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry Juice

I recently realised I have a strong tendency go for crunchy things when in need of a snack. Unfortunately that results in me consuming way more potato chips than I should, when I could really be exciting my tastebuds and fuelling my body with something better (and healthier). I’ve been considering making myself veggie sticks and having healthier dips readily available in the fridge for snacktime, enabling me to save my stomach space and calories for more worthwhile foods.

Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry Juice

There are other times when I really feel like something other than water to quench my thirst. Of course, I know water is always best, but sometimes a fizzy drink and/or tart flavour really hits the spot. Knowing that soft drink isn’t great for my body (or my teeth), I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives. A few months ago mum wanted to use up a Coles voucher, and the Ocean Spray cranberry juice on sale seemed like a good way to go – more vitamins and less sugar than soft drink! I gave her the possible alternatives over the phone, but strongly hinted that the low sugar version would be better. Each 250mL serve only has 10 calories, and whilst some people may veer away from cranberry juice because of its naturally low sugar levels (resulting in its tartness), it’s sweetened with Stevia to make it more palatable. We were pleasantly surprised by how refreshing it was, especially when straight out of the fridge on those meltingly hot summer days.

Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry Juice

It’s almost a guilt-free way to enjoy fruit juice, for the times when I feel like having something flavoured. Ocean Spray is pretty serious about their cranberries so we knew we’d be getting a good product. Their website has more information about their products, including other mixes like Cran-Lemonade and Cran-Mango!

Disclaimer: I received samples of Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry Juice courtesy of Nuffnang and Ocean Spray, however, this is my honest opinion and I was previously a consumer of the juice.

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