Marchfelderhof Restaurant, Deutsch-Wagram, Austria

When we arrived at the Marchfelderhof Restaurant we were greeted by five waiters who held up a welcome banner and stopped traffic to roll out a red carpet across the road. They tied a piece of red ribbon between the two poles of the banner and gave someone a pair of scissors to cut it as they entered. When we stepped inside, violinists and guitarists played us a welcome tune, while inside the dining room there was a keyboardist and saxophonist/oboist. Although there was a booking for 14, we were split into tables for 12 and 4. We took the table for four, which meant we were separated from the rest of the group.

The inside of the restaurant was like a museum – it was absolutely packed with photos, pictures, souvenirs, collectibles and plaques with the names of famous visitors filled the walls while the ceiling had things hanging off it eg violins, guns, guitars, lutes, balloons, flags, lutes. Even the bathrooms were decorated. The ladies room had a small TV mounted in a top corner and there were beauty products on the counter. The inside of the actual cubicles were also decorated. The most interesting cubicle had a bookshelf at one end and fake birds hanging off the ceiling.

Appetisers: bread with sunflower seed/almond butter (which was really thick and garlicky); entrée: salad with croutons and tuna dressing

A2 – turkey breast schnitzel with potatoes
Mum – lightly battered catfish
Dad – roast pork knuckle with sauerkraut
Me – goulash (more tomatoey than the soup earlier today)

Dessert: two layers of chocolate nougat mousse with a curdled cream layer in between on top of a berry mixture.

They gave everyone an espresso with a huge dollop of cream on top. For whatever reason, Mum received her coffee in a wine glass. Everyone also had a test tube of homemade apple schnapps and there was a pitcher of red and white wine on every table.

The food wasn’t worth the €50 we paid for it because it tasted quite ordinary. On the other hand, visiting the restaurant was an adventure in itself.

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