Lolo and Wren, Brunswick West

Placed in a quiet street, Lolo and Wren has been a local favourite for quite a while. Since I was in the area I thought I’d pop in to see how good it really was.

The Drunken Swine “Pork Bun” was highly recommended by the waitress and I put in an order for one after she allayed my concerns about it being overly sweet, as pork buns tend to be. This was sooo good. The shoulder had been broken up a bit but was still in nice tender and meaty chunks. The salad, which was tasty in itself, offered an interesting break from the pork bun and allowed me to freshen up my palate and savour the pork even more. I particularly liked the grated apple and the crunchy, toasted slivers of almond in the salad. The bun was certainly not going to fit straight into my mouth, being at least 10cm tall, so it required some deconstruction. Doing this allowed me to explore the ingredients a bit more closely anyway. There were other components in the bun like (what I think were) chutney and plump, juicy raisins, which complemented the pork very well and were indeed not too sweet.

Lolo and Wren is definitely one for a revisit at some stage. If only I lived closer!

 Lolo and Wren
484 Albion St
Brunswick West, VIC, 3055
(03) 9383 3712
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