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Byblos originated in Brisbane and now has a sister restaurant located in WTC Wharf, right on the riverside with views of the Polly Woodside and MCEC. Named after a city on the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon, it features Lebanese food and an extensive bar menu.

Express Lunch Meat Platter for 2 ($49)

Express Lunch Meat Platter for 2 ($49)

Lahim Meshwi and Shish Tawook

Lahim Meshwi and Shish Tawook

We participated in their new spring Express Lunch menu, which consisted of various lunch platters for two. We went with the meat platter, but vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available. True to its moniker, the Express Lunch platters soon arrived laden with four different pastries (two each of rekakat, fatayer, lahim bil Ajeen and sambusek), tabouli, hommous and a generous amount of pita. There were also two skewers of lahim meshwi and two of shish tawook (lamb and chicken respectively). The lamb was particularly tasty and juicy and I loved the smooth garlic sauce.

Fatayer, Lahim Bil Ajeen,  Rekakat, Sambusek

Fatayer, Lahim Bil Ajeen, Rekakat, Sambusek

My favourite of the pastries was the sambusek, not just because it brought me fond memories of curry puffs with its folded edges, but because I found the filling the most tasty of the four – the fatayer and lahim bil ajeen didn’t quite stand out to me. Interestingly, the Lahim Bil Ajeen (lamb pizza) had been folded up to make a square, which was a little different to what I’m used to seeing.

Hommos and Tabouleh

Hommos and Tabouleh

The refreshing tabouleh and smooth, creamy hommos were a nice addition, breaking up the abundance of proteins and dough. It was difficult to refrain from going back for more!

There was so much food offered that we struggled to finish, but finish it we did. The platters are a particularly good option for people wanting to try many different things on the menu and, being part of the express lunch, will suit those constrained by their lunch hours.

Menu descriptions:
Lahim Meshwi: Char-grilled lamb fillets marinated simply in olive oil, salt and pepper.
Shish Tawook: Char-grilled chicken tenderloin marinated in olive oil with garlic, oregano and a mild pepper paste
Fatayer: Freshly baked homemade pastry filled with spinach, onion, walnuts, tomato and Lebanese spices.
Lahim Bil Ajeen: Homemade open pastry with marinated lamb, fresh tomato, onion and traditional spices. Baked until golden brown and served with natural yoghurt.
Rekakat: Lightly fried filo pastry filled with feta and mozzarella cheese, freshly chopped onion, and fresh herbs.
Sambusek: Homemade pastry filled with marinated lamb, pine nuts, onion and traditional spices. Sambusek is lightly fried

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine at Byblos as a guest, however, opinions expressed here are purely my own and not influenced by the restaurant in any way.

World Trade Centre
18-32 Siddeley Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9614 6400
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