Yatai Stall, Fukuoka

One of the unique dining experiences in Fukuoka are the yatai stalls – little temporary eateries that are only set up in the evenings. Most yatai stalls sell ramen and/or grilled food. Our hotel happened to have a few set up across the street. We settled on a ramen stall. In the centre of the bench was a bain marie with various food items which we could add to our ramen. I picked a slice of daikon and a boiled egg for mine. There was also tofu, konyakku, beef and other yong tofu available. These were all ¥130 each, except the beef which was ¥150. The stall also cooked yaki ramen and could also do broiled fish toppings. The actual ramen bowl was ¥500. It was a good experience, but not one I’d be very keen to repeat. It was pretty tight inside and became unpleasant when someone lit a cigarette.

Photos courtesy of A2’s phone

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