West Udon, Fukuoka

West is a chain restaurant and they have two different types of stores: one type does udon and the other cooks grilled food. Mum shared an udon (¥390) and a plain and chicken onigiri (¥90 each) with A2. Their udon didn’t come with soup, but had a special pouring sauce, bonito, spring onion, raw/very slightly poached egg and seaweed. The chicken onigiri was really good and I was surprised it was the same prices as the plain white rice one.

I had an egg and beef udon (¥610) and dad had soba with a vegetable and seafood tempura thing. The tempura had vegetables and shrimp lumped together then cooked as a whole tempura in a shape of a flat, round cake. The udon was so much better (and cheaper) than what we get in Melbourne. The texture was smooth but still had some bite.

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