Venetian Night Out, Venice, Italy

We joined the €66 excursion tonight: ‘Venetian Night Out with Dinner’. We met in the lobby at 5:50pm and proceeded to the ‘parking island’ by coach. From there we caught a water taxi to Venice city. We were quite squashed inside the taxi. Two people had to stand outside with the driver. We opened up the roof of the back part of the boat so the people there could stand up.

Because the restaurant was small, we were split into two tables for four and one for six.

Appetisers: prawns with light dressing, cod mixture on top of a square of polenta
Entrée: lasagnette and a choice between tagliatelle with seasonal vegetables and a pasta and bean soup
Mains: cod with olives and capers in a tomato based sauce, spinach and potatoes or chicken nuggets or beef stew
Dessert: tiramisu.

Some of the vegetables in the tagliatelle included mushrooms, eggplant, potato, ?squash and zucchini. The sauce was a light, red, creamy sauce. The lasagne had a lot less tomato sauce and meat than the usual lasagne in Australia and the cheese taste wasn’t as strong. They also used green pasta sheets. The tiramisu had two layers of sponge with cream between, coffee-flavoured cream on top of that then a dusting of cocoa. We were also given a bottle of red wine, white wine and two bottles of water per group. I enjoyed the food tonight much better than the food last night.

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