Tao’s, Bulleen

My second visit to Tao’s. The six-course set lunch (the only thing available) was $38 as opposed to $58 for a seven-course dinner. The selection of dishes available for lunch was slightly more limited, but those not included for lunch were dishes we’d tried previously anyway. The lunch menu was pretty much the same as my previous dinner visit, minus the chawanmushi. Instead of the chawanmushi as the extra dinner dish, they offered ‘Tao’s Special Rice Meatball’.

My choice of dishes were:
Starter: Raw Beef Nigiri
Main: Hokkaido Style Miso Hotpot
Desert: Tao’s Style Sesame Macaron

Because I chose the hotpot I wasn’t given soup or the special rice. A2 didn’t want a soup so I picked Teapot Style Bonito Dobimushi and drank it for her. My hotpot came with tofu, a few prawns and assorted vegetables, including a lot of sweet potato and lotus root. Surprisingly, the sesame macaron was the least sweet of the deserts, which suited my tastes.

Like on my first visit, I thought the price was well worth it … I also looked a few months pregnant afterwards.

Most Impressive: Teapot Style Bonito Dobimushi.
: Teapot Style Bonito Dobimushi; Baked Salmon w. Sweet Corn Paste.

Forget: (according to the parents) Steamed Beef w. Daikon Radish, Braised Pork Ribs w. Satay Sauce
Not Worth The Price: Hokkaido Style Miso Hotpot. Although the soup was nice, I’m not sure it was worth missing out on the extra soup and special rice.


201 Bulleen Rd
Bulleen, VIC, 3105
(03) 9852 0777
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