Sydney Fish Market

I finally got the opportunity to try a tuna steak! There was a popular stall selling yellowfin tuna steak but they didn’t have any available. Our next option was to buy a steak from Peter’s and get it cooked on-site. The tuna cost about $8 for 310g and the cost to cook them was $1.5 per 100g. This was probably cheaper than getting it from the other store. We bought some smoked eel (Japanese style) and fresh sashimi and seaweed salad from Claudio’s. Claudio’s only sold the sashimi fish per piece; we weren’t able to specify how many grams we wanted. We were also told they don’t heat up the eel so it was cold, but were assured it tasted just as nice when cold as it is when warm – and they were right. The sashimi was one of the best I’ve ever had – particularly the tuna, which had an incredibly smooth texture. I asked Peter’s to cook my tuna medium, which was a good choice. I like swordfish steak better than the tuna steak, and prefer tuna as sashimi over steak. We spent about $40 at Claudios, but considering the amount of food we got and how fresh the fish was it was definitely worth it. We were originally going to get some seafood fried rice from Peter’s as well. There was A LOT of seafood in it – maybe a seafood:rice ratio of 4:1. After eating our seafood feast, I’m glad mum forgot about it.

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Sydney Fishmarket
Bank St
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009

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