Stovetop, Carlton

Lectures finished early today so it was a good opportunity for us to have an early lunch. Stovetop is located within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education building, which must be very handy for those students. Since they serve breakfast all day I went for a lunch item (available after 11am):

Brioche – Corned wagyu beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and seeded mustard in a toasted bun ($14).

There were also some pastries, cakes, sandwiches and tarts available for eat-in or take away. I read that many people were disappointed by how small the burger was. While it was smaller than a typical burger, it wasn’t by much. The warmed brioche bun emanated with a lovely sweetness that wafted up every time I went in for another bite. The sauerkraut wasn’t overly sour, which meant it didn’t overpower the more subtle taste of the corned wagyu. The beef was very moist and tender and despite it being a pretty thick slice, thankfully wasn’t very salty, as corned beef sometimes is. The swiss cheese contributed a slight punch of flavour, whilst the tomato relish gave it a touch more sweetness and the mayo added to the slight sourness from the sauerkraut to give the whole dish a nice balance. There was just the right amount of each ingredient to make the burger moist and pleasant to eat, with no flavour unpleasantly dominating over another. There was a large spoonful of grainy mustard on the side, but I preferred the burger without it. Overall, it was a very delicate and non-greasy burger that was filling, but didn’t leave me with that heavy, uncomfortable feeling I often get after eating burgers.

100 Leicester St
Carlton, VIC, 3053
(03) 9347 2010

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