Spudbar, Hawthorn

Today the Hawthorn Spudbar store had a free upgrade to sweet potato – a saving of $1.80. Both A2 and I got custom-made spuds.

Me – spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin, a double helping of tabouli (quinoa, bourghal, chopped almonds, sultanas and mint leaves) with their special balsamic vinegar and honey dressing

A2 – spinach, mushrooms, cheese, pumpkin, tabouli, tomatoes

The spud was chopped into bits with a pair of scissors then the toppings were added on top. I noticed that the black and red dine-in bowls looked very similar to the ones used at Shanghai Noodle House in Tattersalls Lane. We opted to get take-away and eat it at home. Both of us also heated the spuds in the microwave because the toppings were cold, and mostly uncooked except the pumpkin. This was my first taste of tabouli and I wasn’t too fond of the mint. I probably shouldn’t have picked the honey dressing since there was already sweetness from the sweet potato and pumpkin. Must remember that for next time.

717 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn, VIC, 3122
(03) 9818 1089
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