Seoul Soul, Abbotsford

Located in the Hive building, but with an entrance onto Victoria Street, Seoul Soul has received many positive reviews. Though I’m partial to bibimbap I thought I’d try something different and went with the spicy ddok bok ki instead. The ddok bok ki also came in a soy version, but the waitress recommended this one. The smooth and chewy rice cakes were nicer than the Chinese-style rice cakes, and the spicy sauce was tasty. The ddok bok ki came with a spring roll, a samosa-like thing and another deep-fried roll which contained glass noodles wrapped in nori. There was also a fair amount of chopped cabbage and fish cake underneath the rice cakes. It was quite a filling meal, though it’s pretty much all carbohydrates. I’ll try the bibimbap next time I visit.

Spicy Ddok Bok Ki ($10)

Spicy Ddok Bok Ki ($10)

Seoul Soul
323 Victoria St
Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
0478 768 760 Seoul Soul on Urbanspoon

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