Royal Arms, Stainton, England

The B&B owner suggested the Royal Arms pub for dinner. It was in a Stainton, a little part of town that looked like a small village. Most of the patrons were probably regulars. It felt a little weird being Asian in a small town like this. At least we don’t have strong Asian accents. Dad ordered pork loin chops (₤9.65), mum and I had salmon with some sort of creamy sauce and mash/new potatoes, peas, coleslaw and salad (₤9.25). A2 got a ‘Combi for 2’, which consisted of onion rings, deep-fried camembert, breaded mushrooms, coleslaw, 2 pieces of garlic bread and a few pieces of spicy chicken (₤8.65). The salmon was very well cooked and juicy. Mum thinks seafood and meat are of similar price because the UK is surrounded by water and so seafood is more plentiful. Tap water here didn’t taste of minerals, although it did at the B&B.

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