Restaurante Vela Latina, Macau

It had only been 2-3 hours after our Portuguese tart feast so none of us were really hungry, but we thought we should have something to eat before returning to the hotel. A receptionist at the hotel had earlier recommended a Portuguese restaurant called Restaurante Vela Latina. Rather than ordering one dish each, we picked a few to share:

Baby Octopus w. Shrimp Paste (60MOP)
Macanese-style Roasted Eel (148MOP)
Baked Chicken in Coconut Milk (148MOP)
Baked Fried Rice in Pineapples

The baby octopus was so tender and it reminded me of the sambal squid we used to order from Charms in Malaysia. The eel was accompanied by potato wedges, both of which were cooked very well. It also came with a sweet, spicy sauce but I couldn’t tell what was in it. The chicken was my least favourite – not surprising since I’m not a fan of coconut milk. The serving of pineapple fried rice looked huge, but the pineapple bowls weren’t very deep. There were a few pieces of seafood and pineapple strewn throughout the rice and a lone olive was pressed into the centre of each pineapple half. The fried rice had a good flavour, though I wasn’t sure what the orange-coloured topping was.

One of the other dishes I was interested in trying was the African-style baked chicken. The main reason we didn’t order this was because we didn’t think it was part of the local cuisine. It wasn’t until later that I found out African chicken is a local Macanese dish, not originating from Africa like we thought.

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