Red Robyn, Camberwell

Red Robyn is a unique cafe that aims to cater for people with food intolerances. All their dishes are gluten and soy free and their menu comes complete with a handy legend denoting which menu items would be suitable for various diets. Car parking was plentiful, especially with the council building across the road.

A2 went for something on the lunch menu. Her veggie stack consisted of a sweet potato rosti, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, mushroom, balsamic reduction, pepita seed pesto and roquette ($16.50). She particularly enjoyed the sweet potato rosti.

I had the Dukkah Eggs with pumpkin cornbread, eggplant puree, house-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, parsley and preserved lemon labneh (18). I’ve been tempted to try dukkah eggs before, but so far this version is the most interesting I’ve seen – I love eggplant, so that immediately drew my eye. The slightly crisp, slightly sweet, cake-like cornbread went well with the other ingredients. Three rolls of prosciutto were perched on top of the tomato; they were hard to cut without squashing the cornbread, but otherwise tasted wonderful with the rest of the dish, particularly the runny eggs.

Red Robyn’s menu shows quite a bit of variety and they’re also open for dinner on certain days. It’s been one of my favourite cafe experiences to date and definitely warrants a return visit.

Red Robyn
393 Camberwell Rd
Camberwell, VIC, 3124
(03) 9077 3763

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