Purple Peanuts, Melbourne CBD

The Age named Purple Peanut’s veggie burger as one of the 5 to try in Melbourne, so after uni I thought I’d pop in to see if it was as good as people say.

I decided to go with the Gammodoki Prawn Burger ($9.5), which is exactly the same as the Gammodoki Tofu Burger ($9), but with prawns as well. The description of the burger is as follows: “Our own home-made tofu burger (tofu, beans, carrot, onion, oats, egg, sake, sesame and ginger) topped with prawns, served on a Turkish bread roll with mixed salad and teriyaki sauce”. It was also available with sesame or chilli sauce instead of teriyaki.

The patty was nice and moist and some of the other ingredients like the beans and carrot were chunky, giving it some texture variety. For an extra 50c I got 3 or 4 prawns, which wasn’t bad. The person who assembled my burger may have been a bit too enthusiastic with the teriyaki sauce, which made it unpleasantly salty at times; part of my bun was soaked to the point where bits were falling off onto the plate. The pa