Princes Plaza, Edinburgh, Scotland

At 12pm we headed towards the new part of town and went into Princes Plaza for lunch. There we got fish and chips and rhubarb pie for desert. A2 also got a Crunchie McFlurry (99p) from McDonalds. The fish and chips were from Harry Ramsden. Mum said they have a store in Glen Waverley. I got a large piece of haddock (₤3.90); mum got the lunch deal, which was fish and chips plus a drink for ₤5.99. She had haddock and Fanta; dad had cod and lemonade. The fish was OK, but the chips were soggy.

The Fanta here looks like diluted McDonald’s orange juice, but mum said it tasted the same. I saw rhubarb pie on the menu at the cathedral café yesterday, but I didn’t know what they looked like so assumed it wasn’t available. It looked pretty much the same at this coffee store. It was very sweet inside; the pastry was a bit soft and the top had some sort of sweet, sticky gelatine-like stuff. Most seafood sold at eateries are haddock, salmon, cod and scampi. Haddock and salmon are the most common, and usually ‘fish and chips’ implies haddock unless specified.

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