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Pierogi Pierogi @ The Gasometer Hotel (5)

Normally seen servicing markets and festivals, Pierogi Pierogi occasionally participates in pop-ups in bars and pubs. The colder weather has marked the slowing of the market and festival season, so Pierogi Pierogi now has more time for kitchen takeovers, including this one-day pop-up at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood.

Pierogi Pierogi @ The Gasometer Hotel (8)

No marks for guessing what they specialise in. People visit them for their pierogi! But apart from these Polish dumplings, Pierogi Pierogi were also offering soups, sides such as Polish pickled cucumbers and hand made sausages, and also brought along some Polish vodka to share tonight.

Pierogi Pierogi @ The Gasometer Hotel (10)

I got there a bit early to avoid the crowd, but shortly after 6pm the place was packed to the rafters with people wanting to get their Pierogi fix.

Pierogi Pierogi @ The Gasometer Hotel (9) Menu

Tonight there were four flavours of pierogi to choose from: potato, onion and cheese (Ruskie); beef and vegetable (Mieso); mushroom and sauerkraut (Kapusta); and bacon, buckwheat and white cheese (Boczek). Or if you’re indecisive, or just want to taste everything (like me), you could get a mix of all of them.

Zurek - Sour Rye Soup w. Potato and Boiled Egg ($8)

I really don’t have that much experience with Polish food (Borsch, Vodka & Tears was both my first and most recent time), so I thought I may as well check out something else from the menu. The Zurek was the first thing that caught my eye. It was a soup made with soured rye, potato and a boiled egg – something quite different, but also quite pleasant. I do enjoy a sour soup.

Ruskie (Creamy Potato, Fried Onion, Farmers Cheese), Mieso (Slow-cooked Beef and Root Vegetables), Kapusta (Mushroom & Sauerkraut), Boczek (Bacon, Buckwheat, White Cheese)

Because I’d ordered the mix, I had no idea which one was which until I bit into them, giving me the thrill of anticipation and surprise. The pierogi were a little flatter than I expected, though they had also been fried to give a slightly crispy outer. All the flavours were nice and gave me the impression of something that had been lovingly handmade, but my favourite of the four varieties would have been the Kapusta.

Pierogi Pierogi is still mainly market based so keep an eye out for them!

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