NH Hotel, Salzburg, Austria

Breakfast the next morning was also the best of the tour; cakes (apple slice, chocolate marble cake, hazelnut strudel and raspberry/cream cheese strudel), many different varieties of  bread rolls and loaves, smoked salmon, cheeses (including brie), hams, cereals, different types of yoghurt (including natural yoghurt), bircher muesli, grilled tomatoes with cheese, mushrooms with some sort of paprika sprinkling, bacon, fried egg (runny), boiled egg, scrambled eggs, baked beans etc. There was also a wider range of teas and fruit juices (including a multivitamin juice). I ate a lot of the salmon. The bircher muesli would have been better if there weren’t so many raisins (or none at all) and not so much cream/yoghurt (not sure what it was). The lemon made it taste nice though. Before leaving the breakfast room I smuggled out two packets of tea I haven’t seen before and a few packs of Knackebrot (plain, grainy and rye).

Dessert Selection

Dessert Selection

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