Moroccan Soup Bar, Fitzroy North

After many, many years, I finally made it around to Moroccan Soup Bar. I’d heard there are normally crazy queues, especially on Fridays and weekends, but I think today the cold and wet weather got the better of most people, and though it was still full, there wasn’t a line at the time we came. We’d made a booking to be safe, since we just made the minimum requirement of six people.

Moroccan Soup Bar

It’s a spoken menu here, and most people go with the banquet. There’s a choice of either regular or deluxe; the deluxe coming with a few extra dishes along with the dips at the beginning. They try to cater for people with dietary requirements, and one of our party needed the gluten-free options, so it was interesting to see how the offerings differed.

Moroccan Soup Bar - Dips - Hummous, Yoghurt, Broccoli, Potato, Olives, Eggplant

Dips – Hummous, Yoghurt, Broccoli, Potato, Olives, Eggplant

We began with the dips, which were accompanied by a huge heap of pita bread. My favourites from this platter were the eggplant and the broccoli.

Moroccan Soup Bar - Saffron Rice, Veggies

Tumeric Rice, Veggies

Moroccan Soup Bar - Fetteh - Chickpea Yoghurt Bake

Fetteh – Chickpea Yoghurt Bake

Moroccan Soup Bar - Vegetable Stew with Cous Cous

Vegetable Stew with Couscous

Moroccan Soup Bar - Almond Rice with Tabbouleh

Almond Rice with Tabbouleh

Moroccan Soup Bar - Potatoes and Tomato Rice

Potatoes and Tomato Rice

The dips were promptly followed by five mains, including the Fetteh aka ‘the chickpea bake thing from Moroccan Soup Bar’. I loved the way the chickpeas went with the crunchy pita in the fetteh, though to be honest, after hearing so much about the dish it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Of the mains, I particularly enjoyed the almond rice, and the stew that came with the saffron rice.

Although there was only one glutard our the group of five, their serve of gluten free options was rather generous, being up to a third of the size of the regular versions. The gluten free alternatives included fetteh without the pita, and rice with the vegetable stew instead of couscous.

Moroccan Soup Bar - Date Balls, Baklava, Namoura (Semolina Cake), Awwamaat (Lebanese Doughnut)

Date Balls, Baklava, Namoura (Semolina Cake), Awwamaat (Lebanese Doughnut)

We ended the banquet with some sweets, and the mint tea provided a much-needed relief from the expected saccharinity.

Moroccan Soup Bar

The food here is hearty and flavoursome, and if you’re after a big, decent feed, the banquet will certainly satisfy.


Moroccan Soup Bar
183 St. Georges Rd
Fitzroy North, VIC, 3068
(03) 9482 4240
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