Miga Korean BBQ and Japanese, Dunedin

Since it was 7:30pm and on the way to the hotel, we visited Miga Korean BBQ and Japanese for dinner. I ordered gamjatang, which was spicy pork bone and potato stew with vegetables. Dad wanted either the bulgogi or the o-sam/o-jingoh/buldak/buldaejie (pork+squid, squid, chicken, pork: they were all stir-fried with a gochujang-based sauce, so basically the same but slightly different because of flavours imparted by the different meats used). I suggested the pork and squid because I thought they’d add nice flavours to the sauce. I also didn’t want the buldak after eating so much of it the other week with uni friends and was worried about the potential sweetness of the bulgogi. These were all under the ‘traditional dishes’ section of the menu came with two appetisers, unlimited banchan, miso soup and rice. When I was first glancing at the menu I was surprised to see the haemul pajeon and kimchijeon were $32 each, but when I looked more closely at the photo it looked like there were a number of pancakes included in each serve.

Cold Sweet Potato Noodle With Sesame Oil, Pepper And Julienned Carrot And Cabbage

Cold Sweet Potato Noodle With Sesame Oil, Pepper And Julienned Carrot And Cabbage

Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon) w. Chili Mayo

Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon) w. Chili Mayo

Our appetisers were cold sweet potato noodle (which was really nice), and a mini-sized kimchijeon, which had a large dob of spicy mayo on top. The pancake wasn’t bad, but I preferred it without the mayo.

Banchan - Pickled Seaweed, Kimchi, Apple and Carrot Salad, Potato

The dinner came with four banchan, and today’s banchan were pickled seaweed, kimchi, apple and carrot salad and potato. The potato was much less sweet than what I’ve had at Korean restaurants in Melbourne. The kimchi was quite nice and not too bitter. The apple salad came with a creamy dressing, so I wasn’t a fan. Of the four my favourites were the seaweed and kimchi so I later got them refilled.

Osam ($18)

The O-Sam ($18) was nicer than the one at Yami Yami in Box Hill (though that one wasn’t bad either). It wasn’t as strong tasting, making it easier to eat more without it being overpowering, and it wasn’t as sweet either.

Gamjatang ($21)

The gamja-tang ($21) was pretty spicy; dad got a refill of the apple salad to cool his tongue after eating it. The bones they used looked like the knee joint and the meat was tender. There were also a few small slices of pork in the soup. The vegetables were mainly cabbage, though I also ate something that reminded me of preserved gai choi. Now when I think about it, the gamja-tang didn’t have much potato in it, but I didn’t mind. Miga currently has lunch specials on for $10, which offers some of the regular lunch dishes (apart from the dolsot bibimbap and baek-ban [pan-fried mackerel]) with three banchan and rice.


Miga Korean BBQ & Japanese
4 Hanover St
Dunedin, OTA, 9016
New Zealand
(03) 477 4770
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