Maha, Melbourne CBD Take 2

Time for my return to try Maha’s famous lamb burger. Previously $15, the burger and beer deal has sinced increased to $18. The burger of the month for August is lamb burger with candied olive mayo, onion rings, basturma and kefalograviera with a 33cl Efes Pilsen beer, imported from Greece.

The fluffy and slightly sweet tasting buns had been toasted on one side and the patty was charred but still moist. Fried shallots added a bit of a crunch and the cheese and basturma gave the burger a nice flavour hit. The olive mayo was presented as a dollop on the upper bun so had to be spread out with a knife. It was indeed a very good burger, and I particularly liked the bread. The patty was quite thick, which made it impossible to fit the burger in my mouth. My mind kept thinking back to the uni lecture where we learnt about people dislocating temporomandibular joints from trying to bite too-tall burgers top to bottom. The only quibbles I had were that some edges of the patty were a bit too charred and the mayo was a tad salty, especially when eaten together with the basturma.

Having learnt from last time, I refrained from sipping too much of the beer before I had eaten something. Unfortunately, like last time, after about 1 standard drink (the beer contained 1.3) I started to feel light-headed (but not tipsy, in case you were wondering). I did, however, recover much faster. The beer was bubbly, a bit like champagne, and left a slight bitter after-taste. Other than that I don’t know how to describe it because it’s the first beer I’ve had other than 1-2 sips of other people’s beer. It didn’t smell as bad as something like VB, but I did like the beer from Little Creatures better.

Maha Restaurant
21 Bond St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9629 5900
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