La Mie Câline, Toulouse

Even though Toulouse was a big town it was difficult to find things to eat, being a Sunday. We eventually found a chain bakery called La Mie Câline. It was the sort of bakery that reminded me of Baker’s Delight. They only had a few types of baguette available – most of their goods were pastries and other sweets, filled breads and salads. I bought an Italian salad with chicken, pasta, capsicum, olives, cherry tomatoes and black fungus (€5). Mum and dad shared a jambon and Emmental baguette, which was ~60cm long. The baguette was available as a meal for a total of €3.90, so mum ordered an espresso instead of soft drink (€1.20) and dad got a double choc cookie. Mum also got a salted caramel macaron with a slice of chocolate inside (€2.10). The macaron wasn’t bad. The cookie was dry. My salad was flavoured quite well and came with part of a baguette, though unfortunately not part of one of the baguettes that had literally come straight out of the oven.

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