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Jinda Thai has a strong reputation for affordable and tasty Thai food and it was time to see what the fuss was about. The tables are very close together and even small tables are aligned to make a sort of communal table. I guess they really have to maximise the space to accommodate the crowds!

Perusing the menu, I was drawn to the the boat noodles and the som tum with soft shell crab, and not just because they’re popular dishes. I chose beef to go with the boat noodles and the rice vermicelli was recommended by the waitress, who said it was the most traditional. The food came out really quickly; I was only halfway through typing an SMS straight after ordering, when a steaming bowl of noodles landed on the table, with the som tum arriving not long after.

Boat Noodles w. Beef and Rice Vermicelli (Small, $6)

Boat Noodles w. Beef and Rice Vermicelli (Small, $6)

The boat noodles had a very enticing aroma and I quickly dug into the noodles, tender pieces of beef, and tasty broth. The dark colour of the soup is due to the addition of blood, though to me it isn’t an off-putting fact. Although the broth might look very rich, in reality it’s not that heavy and I quite enjoyed the combination of herbs and spices used in this dish.

Som Tum w. Soft Shell Crab ($12.90)

Som Tum w. Soft Shell Crab ($12.90)

Another favourite of the regulars here is this salad of green papaya, cherry tomato, snake beans, and soft shell crab, topped with peanuts and chilli. There’s a definite hit of chilli in this dish and it’s probably not for chilli lightweights. The soft shell crab was definitely nice and crispy, but sadly there wasn’t a whole lot meat inside. If you’re simply after as much crab meat for your money as possible, it might be better to go for something on the soft shell crab menu (yes, a whole menu page dedicated to it!). Having said that, I did like the combination of flavours and textures in the som tum.

Jinda Thai also does take away, which is welcome news for everyone in need of a good Thai fix and was perhaps unsuccessful in securing a table at this popular place.

Jinda Thai Restaurant
7 Ferguson St
Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
(03) 9419 5899
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