Japas, Melbourne CBD

Tomodachi recently changed its name to Japas to reflect the change in their menu. The name is a blend of “Japanese” and “tapas”. They’d literally just put up some lantern decorations so the restaurant had a nice atmosphere.

The nasu dengaku came first, and looked different to what I expected ($7.80). The eggplant had been taken out of the skin and diced, then mixed with the miso sauce, which tasted strongly of hoisin for some reason. The sauce was too overpowering and used too generously, and it masked the more subtle taste of the eggplant and miso.

The Japas chicken wraps were their take on Peking Duck ($16.80). The sauce they used was more peanutty.

The sushi was nicer than it was at my last visit. Whilst the kingfish sashimi was OK, it was expensive for the amount given ($13.90).

Three different bento were ordered: teriyaki unagi, teriyaki salmon and soft shell crab (all $24.80). Each came with deep fried gyoza, harumaki, some sort of deep-fried ball, sushi, miso, rice, salad and a scoop of mash.

Level 3, Melbourne Central
Melbourne, VIC
(03) 9663 5250

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