Izakaya Hachibei, Melbourne CBD

With a wide range of dishes on offer, often sharing plates as a group is the best way to enjoy food at izakayas. Just as well Izakaya Hachibei has plenty of seating for groups! Our order today consisted of:
– Salmon skin roll ($14)
– Wakame salad ($7)
– Small sashimi platter ($17)
– Buta Syogayaki ($14.30) Slices of pork fried in ginger
– Yakitori ($2.80 each)
– Gyutan Shio ($8.2) Braised Ox Tongue

Of what we tried, my favourite was the salmon skin roll. It was tasty and wonderful with the crunchy salmon skin inside, though the roll was too large in diameter to eat neatly. My next favourite of the night was the gyutan shioyaki (thinly sliced beef tongue grilled with salt and pepper), which was well seasoned, smoky and tender. The seaweed salad wasn’t bad, though I was disappointed to see more than half the bowl was made up of lettuce leaves. In fact, the sizes of the servings were generally quite small. Apart from the yakitori (which I didn’t try), the other dishes were tasty thought not stand-out.

The quality of the food here seems to be pretty good, depending on what you pick, and there’s such a wide variety of dishes that there’s likely to to be something to please everyone.

Izakaya Hachibeh
143-145 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9078 9909
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