Il Melograno, Northcote

Il Melograno

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve always had a preference for gelato over ice cream. Maybe it’s the smoother texture or the different mouth-feel, or maybe even just the nostalgia that’s attached to it. Whatever the case, it’s been exciting to see more and more premium gelateria popping up around Melbourne. Since I was passing through the Northern suburbs, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try one that’s been on my list since it opened.

Il Melograno

During the daytime, a breakfast and lunch cafe menu is served at Il Melograno, featuring paninis, pasta, baked eggs and toasty things alongside the cold treats. At night, it’s all about the sweets. Gelati, sorbets and granitas are stored in pozzetti, ready to be sampled and consumed, and cakes and pastries are also available for the picking. Apart from the more common flavours, there are interesting ones like orange-infused ricotta with almonds, and specials such as chocolate and chilli. For something more substantial, there’s also gelato-filled brioche.

Il Melograno - Iranian Pistachio Turkish hazelnut, Ricci Method Coffee (3 flavour cup, $7)

Iranian Pistachio Turkish hazelnut, Ricci Method Coffee (3 flavour cup, $7)

I go for three scoops in a cup, and Iranian pistachio, Turkish hazelnut, and Ricci Method coffee gelati are loaded not into a paper cup, but a waffle one. The texture of the actual gelato isn’t quite as smooth as at Joylati and Pidapipo, but there are more tangible pieces of the ingredients, and the flavours taste very natural and distinct. The Ricci Method gelato has the sharp bitterness of strong coffee, and the pistachio is markedly nutty and rounded.

Il Melograno

Although I’d personally give the gelato at other gelateria a slight edge, Il Melograno is still of a very high standard and I may just pop in again if passing nearby.

Il Melograno
76 High St
Northcote, VIC, 3070
(03) 9482 2092
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