Heirloom, Melbourne CBD

Heirloom is quite a modern and snazzy restaurant/bar on Bourke St, right opposite the tramstop between Russell and Exhibition St. I came for a late lunch and was told the daily lunch special ($14.5) had sold out, which was fine; I had planned to have the chirashi zuchi and udon set ($22.5).

Chirashi Zushi, Udon Set  Chirashi Zushi, Udon Set

The serving size was larger than I expected, which is always good, though I immediately regretted eating that persimmon for morning tea. The set included: daikon salad w. soy/sesame oil sauce, (quite a generous serve of) salted edamame, and of course, udon in warm broth and chirashi zushi. The texture of the udon wasn’t quite as good as Seoul Soul and I thought the broth could have done with a bit more flavour, but overall it was quite nice. There was quite a variety of sashimi in the chirashi zushi. I was surprised by the presence of the prawn and ark shell (akagai). I’m not completely sure about the types of fish included, because I keep getting mixed up, but I think there was salmon, tuna, kingfish, halibut (hirame), mackerel (saba), sea bream (tai) and another fish. There was quite a bit of (very hot) wasabi and yellow ginger. The fish seemed to be of good quality and sushi rice was well-seasoned and cooked nicely.

Chirashi Zushi, Udon Set Chirashi Zushi, Udon Set

The staff were very pleasant and attentive. A few seconds after I finished my water they came to top it up and as I got up from the table, a waitress quickly slow-jogged to the register to serve me.

I was really pleased with my experience here, and was very satisfied with the food.

131 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9639 1296

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