Goz City, Melbourne CBD

Goz City (13)

Branching off from Koy in South Melbourne, Goz City serves up tasty Turkish pastries, baked goods and salads in the CBD.

Goz City (2)

It’s a small space, with only a handful of counter seats and coveted tables inside, but most of its trade is takeaway.

Goz City (7)

There’s a variety of gozleme made fresh to order and on Tuesdays there’s a special gozleme up for grabs. Despite its name, Goz City also offers borek ($4), pitas ($6), salads ($6 for small, $10 for large), a few sweet treats like turkish delight and baklava and also coffee.

Goz City (11)Today’s special gozleme was tandoori chicken, but I decided to have a herbed chicken gozleme instead. The gozleme was quite large and cut into smaller pieces to aid consumption. The herbed chicken is served with some sour cream on the side, and there were chilli flakes, lemon juice and other condiments to sprinkle on top. I loved the crispy pastry and the subtle herb flavour of the chicken filling; my stomach was satisfied!

Goz City
502 Lt Collins St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9041 5667
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