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We needed a nice dinner location to satisfy our hungry stomachs after a long day out. No one was in the mood for Asian food and with favourable past experiences and its central location, Gazi fit the bill. I was surprised that we were able to get a large table booking last minute and I was pleased to finally try out a restaurant I’d heard so much about.

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Upon walking into the main dining area past the bar, I was immediately taken in by the intricate terracotta pot ceiling fixture. The undulating pattern of different sized pots had me transfixed while we were waiting for food. Not that it took long. Our orders arrived at the table less than 10 minutes later.

 Duck Souvlakakia w. Chips, Parsley, Onion, Pear, Mustard Mayo $12

We decided to order a souvlaki each, plus a few things to share. My souvlakakia of choice was the duck. Here the souvlaki contains chips, and the duck variety included parsley, onion, pear and mustard mayo ($12.00). I loved the contrast of the crispy duck with the soft and fluffy pita and flavoursome mayo.

Wood Fire Spit Chicken - White Beans, Tyrokafteri, Walnut Dressing

For our sharing plate we ordered wood fire spit roasts – the pork and chicken. The chicken was paired with white beans, tyrokafteri and walnut dressing ($28). Tyrokafteri is a chilli and cheese sauce, commonly made with feta, though can be made with other soft, white cheeses.

Woodfire Spit Pork Belly - White Beans, Apple Skordalia, Walnut Dressing $34

The pork belly also came with white beans and walnut dressing, but instead of the tyrokafteri was apple skordalia ($34). Skordalia is a thick puree that includes garlic and the combination of apple and pork is a classic. We were also very pleased with the crackling.
Gazi (12)

To be honest, the flavours of the spit roasts didn’t wow me too much, though the meats were cooked very well. I was, however, quite impressed by the souvlaki and they’re something I’d definitely order if I return.

2 Exhibition St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9207 7444

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