Dude Food Man at Food Truck Park, Richmond

Food Truck Park Richmond

Food Truck Park, put together by the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group (AMFVG) and making a recent appearance at the Coburg drive-in cinemas, camped out in Richmond for the first time. The popularity of food trucks is booming; with so many to try and numerous vendors gathering in one place at the same time, how much more convenient can you get?

Food Truck Park Richmond

The first day of service was a cold and wet one, but there were many punters taking a gamble with the rain, huddling under umbrellas while waiting for goodies to come out. Dude Food Man, Speedy Gonzales Mexican, Toasta, Pappa Pita (which for lunch today was only selling loukoumades) and The Kaiser’s Sausages made an appearance for the first lunch of the pop-up period.

Dude Food Man - Food Truck Park Richmond

The pulled pork slider ($13) from Dude Food Man caught my eye. I know Dude Food Man is famous for its beef burgers (and there was an appropriately sized queue for them), but I wasn’t in the mood for one today.

Pulled Pork Slider w. Pulled Pork Shoulder, Crackling, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce, Brioche ($13)

Slider in this case was a misnomer; it was really the same size as a burger and  overflowing with pulled pork shoulder, crackling and BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce had a nice tang to it and coleslaw added a bit of freshness, though I would have liked to see more coleslaw to lift the flavours a bit. The brioche bun was also a little soggy from the amount of BBQ sauce. I was quite surprised by the amount of pork and deliciously crunchy crackling in it, and although some parts of the pork weren’t exactly ‘pulled’, it was still tender and thoroughly enjoyable.

Pulled Pork Slider w. Pulled Pork Shoulder, Crackling, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce, Brioche ($13)

The Richmond Food Truck Park will be open for lunch (12:30–2:30pm) and dinner (5:30–8:30pm), Wednesday to Sunday every week from 13th-31st of May at 110 Church Street, Richmond. Different trucks will be rolling in at different times so it’s worth more than one visit!

Food Truck Park Richmond

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