Darac, Melbourne CBD

During lunchtime, Darac’s most popular menu item by far is their lunch special, which consists of rice/fried noodles, a main e.g. bulgogi, teriyaki and a side. The medium size is $10.50, whilst the large size is $12.50. Instead, I went for the bibimbap ($13). There was also a prawn bibimbap but I thought I’d go for the more conventional beef today. On the menu there was a choice of either spicy or mild. I picked spicy and couldn’t tell the difference between it and normal bibimbap. Maybe they don’t provide gochujang when the mild version is ordered.

This bibimbap came with (two!) portions of beef, spinach, egg strips, taugeh, carrot, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms and, of course, an egg. The ingredients were fresh and tasty and the dolsot also was nice and hot so I got a nice crust at the end.

I’d still say I prefer the eel bibimbap at Oriental Spoon (also $13), but to have a fair comparison I’d have to try the beef version there. Had I known there were two portions of meat given I might have ordered the prawn bibimbap instead, but there’s always next time.

Darac Grill & Bar
51 A’Beckett Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9662 2441
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