Convent Bakery, Abbotsford

My first visit to Convent Bakery in the Abbotsford Convent, despite living around the area for 8 years. I ordered the chicken burger in foccacia bread with capsicum sauce, aioli, tomato & guacamole ($13). I swapped out the chips for salad instead. Mum tried one of the specials of the day, which was porterhouse steak ($15).

It was quite a busy place, with most people popping in for coffee, bread or other baked goods. I’m guessing quite a lot of their business comes from the office-workers working on Johnston street.

I don’t usually have chicken burgers but I was happy to note that the chicken wasn’t dry. The salad was dressed with balsamic vinegar and  may have been sitting in the dressing for a while because it tasted like it was slightly ‘cooked’, but I like it that way. Mum’s steak was cooked to medium; they didn’t ask how she wanted it. Mum enjoyed her meal, especially the chips, and it was good value at $15.

Convent Bakery
1 St Heliers St
Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
1300 447 697
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