Conduras, Barcelona, Spain

At 6:30pm, those going for the Spanish buffet and Flamenco excursion began the walk to the hall. The place was called Conduras. At the hotel on the reception desk, the buffet + flamenco was €68. We paid €70, but we got reserved seating at the front. Some of the food included: vegetarian tortilla (brussel sprouts and carrot), potato tortilla (didn’t taste like much), big pieces of fish and mussels in a tomato sauce, mushrooms with herbs, boiled veggies, stewed veal, rabbit in tomato based sauce, squid, mussels, big chunks of tuna with a pepper on top, rice and pasta salads, paella (a bit too salty and soggy), fideua (tasted like bee hoon), creamy cannelloni like things. Desserts included a banana in a dough case with sugar and cinnamon, crème Catalan, profiterole, chocolate fudge tarts, sweet syrup on pastry with nuts and raisins, chocolate truffles and fruit. There was also cured meat and cheese.

Dessert Selection

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