Christchurch Farmer’s Market, Riccarton, Christchurch

This morning involved a visit to the Christchurch Farmer’s Market, which is also at Riccarton. I’d heard there was a good porridge stall there so I wanted to check it out. There was much more food at this market than the Rotary one. There were a handful of stalls selling crafts like woollen products and candles, a third selling fresh produce and the rest split between food products and cooked food.

Posh Porridge

Posh Porridge - Sliced Almonds, Berry Compote and Superfood Crumble ($)

Posh Porridge – Sliced Almonds, Berry Compote and Superfood Crumble ($)

The porridge place was called Posh Porridge. Although the menu listed different combinations, they were more like suggestions. We were allowed to mix and match any three toppings with the porridge ($8). So instead of having the banana, berry compote and superfood crumble, I swapped out the banana for sliced almonds. Honey, raw sugar, yoghurt, skim, soy and regular milk could be added by customers at the end. They also had a big jar of Whittakers chocolates to take.

Abu-Melamed's Pita

Abu-Melamed’s Pita

Abu-Melamed's Pita - Moroccan Meatball And Potato Pide ($8)

Abu-Melamed’s Pita – Moroccan Meatball And Potato Pide ($8)

Abu-Melamed's Pita - Moroccan Meatball And Potato Pide ($8)

We also tried the Moroccan Meatball And Potato Pide ($8) from Abu-Melamed’s Pita, which was quite nice. All the pide were freshly baked and could be warmed up if they’d cooled too much.

Gretchen's Kitchen

Gretchen's Kitchen - Blueberry Scone ($4)

There were gourmet scones for $4 (or 3 for $10) from Gretchen’s Kitchen and we tried a blueberry one. It was OK, but I probably wouldn’t have it again, unless I had a savoury one. It was less floury than the usual English scones.

Near the entrance to the market there was a baked good stall that was very popular. When we had circled back to the beginning almost everything was gone (it was 11:30am); they had no more of the quiches/tarts. While wandering around the stalls we also sampled hot and cold smoked salmon, limoncello, lemon shortbread, all sorts of varieties of fudge, chorizo, another Spanish sausage, nuts, salts, dukkah. Food stalls there included bratwurst, dumplings, okonomiyaki, a very popular bacon and egg roll stall, healthy salads, bread, lollies, ice cream, pasties and pastries. The stalls were arranged along the path following the river, which made a nice place to sit and enjoy food.

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