Café, Kagoshima

I was craving oyakodon and we managed to get one of the receptionists to recommend a restaurant that served it. She must have called the restaurant because almost as soon as we entered, the waitress said ‘oyakodon?’. Just as well we actually went to that restaurant. I had oyakodon (¥480), Dad had katsudon (¥580), A2 had beef udon and mum had a bitter gourd and spam don (goya don, ¥530). The egg in the oyakodon was still runny – the way it’s supposed to be – and it satisfied my cravings for the dish. Mum had also wanted to have okonomiyaki to share; unfortunately that wasn’t available. After she finished her rice she wanted some soba, but that was also unavailable. Instead, we went to a nearby McDonald’s to try the triangular-shaped blueberry and cream cheese pie.

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