Beans & Bagels, Fitzroy

The next week will be madly-rushing-to-use-up-Entertainment-Book-vouchers-before-they-expire week. To continue our quest, A2 and I travelled to Beans & Bagels in Fitzroy. This cosy little place specialises in…coffee and bagels. They also sold a selection of loose tea leaves. We chose two different bagels to share:

– Smoked salmon, capers, salad, french onion, avocado (substituted in place of cream cheese) on an ‘everything’ bagel ($9.80)
– Turkey, cranberry sauce, cucumber, lettuce, mushroom, carrot and capsicum on a multigrain bagel (omitted cream cheese).

Other choices of bagel included plain, sesame seed, poppy seed, cheese and herb. It was interesting that the everything bagel didn’t cost extra, because when bought plain, the everything bagel was 30c more than the others. We were also asked if we would like avocado instead of cream cheese, though I’m sure avocado would be much more expensive. I didn’t think avocado would go particularly well with cranberry so I declined the offer for that bagel.

Their coffee is supposedly award-winning, but since I can’t drink coffee at this time of day I didn’t try any. The cafe also makes breakfast bagels e.g. ham and cheese, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs an eggs benedict bagel. 

Both bagels were slightly warm after having a short stint in the toaster grill. The turkey bagel tasted, well, like a fresh turkey and veggie bagel. I love salmon, so it wasn’t surprising that I found the smoked salmon bagel the best – who can go wrong with classic flavour combinations?

Beans & Bagels
121 Johnston St
Fitzroy, VIC, 3065
(03) 9417 0006
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