Barramundi w. Miso Enoki

This was my second day of attempting this dish. Yesterday I fried the fish and the mushrooms separately, but unfortunately my barramundi was undercooked so I had to put it back on the heat. For the mushrooms I used red miso paste, mirin, a dash of soy and chicken stock powder. I tried to get a crispy skin on the barramundi but I took it off the skin side too early (hence it being undercooked).

This time, before patting the skin dry with paper towel I used a butter knife to scrape off excess water. I also left it for longer before flipping it over. The skin was only half crispy, though still a better result than my previous attempt. I also think I should have added more salt. I heated up leftover enoki from yesterday over the stove and placed the half-cooked barramundi in it (without covering the skin) to sort of poach it, hoping some of the miso flavour would get in. I’m not sure how successful that was, but at least the fish was cooked almost perfectly unlike yesterday’s disaster.

Barramundi w. Miso, Soy Sauce and Mirin Enoki

Barramundi w. Miso, Soy Sauce and Mirin Enoki

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