Au Bureau, Tours

We hadn’t had lunch and because of the limited choice of restaurant options we decided to have…lunner. The pub was quite popular for coffee and desserts, maybe because there wasn’t much else open. I had salmon cooked with olive oil, green beans and steamed potatoes (€13), mum had tagliatelle with salmon (€9.90) and dad had a dish containing ham knuckle, pork belly, sauerkraut, a long frankfurt-looking sausage and slices of a fatter sausage (€11.90). My potatoes didn’t taste like anything, but there was salt and pepper on the table. The green beans tasted OK because of the garlic in it and there was heaps of it. Mum did say her salmon was somewhat flavourless. Dad’s was huge and tasty. The tap water they gave us tasted much better than the water in Paris.

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