Oyster Congee, Hong Kong

For breakfast mum and I planned to visit the oyster congee restaurant they visited on their last trip. On the way home from Itamae Sushi last night, we came across a branch of Ming Yuen Noodle Restaurant. This branch doesn’t sell claypot dishes, but it does have oyster congee. We were going to this restaurant instead of the other one so we did’t have to travel so far.

When we ordered oyster and abalone congee at Ming Yuen we were told that the congee isn’t available until 3pm. We walked out again and went to the one that the parents went to last time, which was double the distance from the Novotel. Mum ordered three bowls of oyster congee (also came with pork mince and fried shallots, 32HKD) and fish ball soup (25HKD).

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