Yawaraginosato Yadoya, Yufuin

The setting for this dinner area was much, much nicer than the one we ate in yesterday. Each shabu shabu table has its own separate booth for privacy. Dad had earlier selected the cheaper option, being ¥1350 each. The more expensive option was ¥2000. For entrees there was a red miso soup, lotus topped with a flower-shaped sweet potato, steamed pumpkin, broccoli sushi, daikon salad, a small fish, a slice of a salmon/daikon roll and a square ‘box’ of daikon filled with soy beans.

Our two main platters had many thin slices of pork and a mound of veggies including enoki, another mushroom, wombok, spinach, shaved carrot and two different colours of glutinous cake. We also went through two tubs of rice. Condiments were ponzu, sesame sauce and a red and a green pepper sauce. The pork was to be eaten with a mixture of the ponzu, sesame sauce and one of the pepper condiments. I liked the green pepper one best.

Desert was a dense apple sorbet, with actual apple pieces, and green tea. Later A2 and I looked at the menu and found out that we could have ordered some udon separately for ¥200. I think we would have been too full for noodles anyway.

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