Yawaraginosato Yadoya, Yufuin (Breakfast)

As we sat down to the breakfast table a waitress light our hotpot candle. On the side of the room were rice, miso, raw eggs (to be cooked in the hotpot), little packets of nori, drinks and desserts. The food they provided on platters were: ham with a light mustard sauce ?mayo, a piece of mackerel, mashed daikon with little whitefish on top, pickles and tofu. The tofu was a bit different to usual. It didn’t have such a strong, pungent taste, but tasted more of soy. There were three different sauces on the table: soy, a lighter soy for the tofu and a sweet sauce. In the hotpot was a piece of fried tofu, daikon, enoki mushrooms and bacon in a strong sauce ?ground bean. There were two desserts: natural yoghurt in a little teacup, and also a square of cream cheese, like cheesecake filling, topped with pineapple pieces and a berry sauce.

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