Wetherspoons, Chester, England

We waited outside Wetherspoons for it to open for breakfast. Fifteen minutes later dad discovered that we were waiting at the wrong entrance. I think the entrance we were waiting at only opens for dinner; it was in a side street anyway, so it didn’t seem right. Wetherspoons was part of the same chain as the pub beside the Travelodge in York. Dad got a traditional breakfast (fried egg, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, black pudding, half a tomato, baked beans) and A2 and I shared a vegetarian breakfast (2 fried eggs, vegetarian sausage, a large mushroom, hashbrowns,  half a tomato, baked beans). Both breakfasts cost ₤2.65. A2 also ordered a small mocha (₤1.09). Mum wasn’t interested in breakfast so she went to M&S.

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