Virgin Airlines, Melbourne-Perth

I had to fly business class to Perth because I needed to arrive in Perth at a reasonable time and all the economy seats were booked out. Fortunately we had enough frequent flyer points. It was my first experience of business class domestic, since we’ve never seen the point in doing it for short-haul flights.

For some reason I picked my menu choices from the Eastbound menu instead of the Westbound menu. When the air steward came and pointed that out, I had to make an instant decision, which I’m not very good at when it comes to food. I picked the beef cheeks, but after he left I changed my mind and decided to change it to the fish. Unfortunately he’d already gotten orders from the rest of the cabin and they’d run out. The beef was quite tender though, and the quality of the food wasn’t bad for an aeroplane meal. My favourite dish was the lamb, which had a nice amount of spice on the outside.

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