Venice, Italy

When we got out of the Glass factory we looked for a place to eat. Mum wanted to get take away pizza because she didn’t want to pay a cover charge, but we ended up eating in a restaurant anyway. We got seafood tagliatelle (€16), fisherman’s risotto (€14) and prosciutto pizza (€9.50). The bread we were given was rolled and looked like mantou. The risotto was tastier than it looked, probably because of the cheese, and it had the more chewy texture. Although the serves were smaller than expected, at least the food was good. All together it came to €49.50 because of a €3 bottle of water, a €1.50 cover charge and a 12% service fee. It was better than the cover charge at another restaurant that my parents looked at, which charged €4 per person. And it was also the same price as the dinner excursions organised by Globus, which were at least €50 per head. Then again, we don’t really know about the quality and authenticity of the food compared to the other restaurants.

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