Spudbar, Hawthorn Take 2

Sweet potato now costs the same as normal potato, rather than being $1 extra. The mixed grain tabouli again looked tempting, but I remember from last time that I didn’t like the mint in it. Instead I went for the wild rice with almonds and raisins, and it was surprisingly tasty. The dahl added a nice salty touch to counter the sweetness of the other ingredients I added. Having both pumpkin and sweet potato was probably sweetness overkill, but I didn’t know what else to put in my custom-made spud. I actually went without one of the six toppings that was included in the price; maybe I should have asked for a double helping of rice. I enjoyed this spud better than my first.

717 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn, VIC, 3122
(03) 9818 1089
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