Silo by Joost, Melbourne CBD

I was planning to go somewhere for lunch today but due to a last minute timetable change instated yesterday, I finished uni at 9am. I decided to switch my lunch and brunch appointments around and initially had Manchester Press lined up. After reading up on more reviews for Manchester Press, I noted that the bagel item I wanted to try (the 12-hour pulled pork bagel) was generally accepted as being sweet, so with some sadness I crossed it off the list. Instead, I visited Silo by Joost, which is an eco-friendly cafe with a waste-free, sustainable and seasonal menu.

The menu has changed slightly since the last menu photo I viewed. There’s now a choice of toppings for the coddles eggs on toast including feta, chunky pieces of avocado, kimchi, feta, thick-cut German bacon, greens and mushrooms. I chose the mushrooms.

Unfortunately there were no oyster mushrooms, but I did get two slices of the lovely, dense house-made bread. The thick slices of toast were prepared under a grill rather than a toaster. The eggs were perfectly runny and went well with the flavoursome mushrooms. There was also a sprinkling of something black; I don’t know what it was. They also had truffles in today, which could be added to the eggs for $10. I suppose I could have had the truffles instead of the mushrooms. One person who ordered truffles was given a very generous serve of thick truffle shavings, though he also appeared to know the owner (Joost) so that might have influenced the amount of truffle given.

NB: Sorry for the terrible photos. My phone camera does very poorly in low light.

Silo by Joost
123 Hardware St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9600 0588
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