Shira Nui, Glen Waverley

I’ve been wanting to come here since I heard that their omakase is one of the best in Melbourne. Mum has been here before and said the lunch special was very good, so we went to try it out.

All three of us picked different lunch specials (ranging between $18.50-19.50 each). I had the sushi, mum had sashimi and dad had the chirashi don. We started off with pickles and an unusual appetiser of noodles. Mum particularly liked these noodles and tried to figure out what ingredients were used in it so she could replicate it. I wasn’t much help because all I could think of was pepper and ‘some sort of herb’ (hey, I never said I was a food expert). Next was the chawanmushi, which was the smoothest and tastiest I’ve had in Melbourne so far. The liquid was slightly viscous, which complemented the texture of the egg and there was also a piece of eel in each cup. The sushi and sashimi were very well made, though I have to say I enjoyed the maki and futomaki at Suzuran better. I did think the nigiri was nicer at Shiranui though.

Shira Nui
247 Springvale Rd
Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150
(03) 9886 7755
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